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Expat Rental Service

Are you looking for a short-stay or longer-term rental property in the Randstad? We are happy to help you find the right home! Our brokers are specialists in the field of Letting and Rental Service (Home Search) for houses and apartments in Amsterdam, 't Gooi, Utrecht and Flevoland.


NEWCURB Rental Service provides a full home search service in Utrecht area, amongst the following activities:

  • Scheduling viewings
  • Guiding viewings
  • Collect and request information about legal, fiscal and other important aspects concerning the property and if necessary inform you about this
  • Giving advice about and possibly drawing up the rental agreement
  • Supervising the settlement of the lease
  • Assisting with setting up contracts for water, heating, electricity, tv, internet, phone and (home) insurance
  • Guiding the check-in inspection

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  • Work hard
  • Enterprising
  • Personal approach
  • Move forward
  • Innovative mindset

Our standard extra's
  • Including home photographer
  • Always a walk through video
  • Multi language rentalcontracts
  • Advertisement on Funda & International
  • Screening with digital safe

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