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Expat Rental Service - from Turkey to a rental property in the Netherlands

Are you coming over from Turkey to the Netherlands for a new job or challenge? And looking for a rental property in the Amsterdam area, Utrecht, Hilversum or Almere? We are happy to help you find the right home! Our brokers are specialists in the field of Letting and Rental Service (Home Search) for houses and apartments and we help many expats from Turkey every year with finding a new rental property.

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Did you know this about our Expat Rental Service?

  • In the last 12 months we were able to find our clients a property within 2 to 4 weeks?
  • We have a high acceptance rate for every rental application we put out for you?
  • We’ve more than 20 years of combined experienced within the Dutch Rental Market.
  • Our clients work for prestigious employers like Pwc, KPMG, ING, Rabobank, IFF, CSMART and many more…
  • We have a Google Review Rating of 4.9/5

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NEWCURB EXPAT Rental Service provides you with a full home search service, amongst the following 3 phases and their activities

1. Finding your property

  • Help you gather all the right documentation, we know exactly what is needed and favored by the letting realtors and landlords
  • Scouting for new properties that came on the market and inform you daily
  • Scheduling viewings with the letting agents and landlords
  • Guiding viewings, you can join in person of with a video call

2. Arranging your rental application

  • Collect and request information about legal, fiscal and other important aspects concerning the property and inform you about this
  • Arranging the rental application and if needed doing the negotiations in order to secure the property
  • Giving advice about and possibly drawing up the rental agreement
  • When receiving the rental agreement and other legal documents, we will thoroughly review them and give you feedback

3. Finalizing on your rental property

  • Supervising the correct settlement of the lease and the agreements that have been made during the negotiations
  • Assisting with setting up contracts for water, heating, electricity, tv, internet, phone and (home) insurance
  • Guiding the check-in inspection and helping you during the key exchange
  • Assisting you in any follow ups after the check-in, if needed

Starters package

Are you planning to be active with us in the home search and want our support in finding the right new home for you? Then this is the right home search service!

  • Initial intake to start up your homesearch
  • Every daily search
  • Schedule and follow up on viewings 
  • Navigating you through the conditions and housing market
  • Single Point of Contact Rental Agent
  • Offer your submission(s)
  • Check the rental contract
  • Set-up your utilities

Price € 1,195 incl. VAT

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Complete package  - most selected

Busy with arranging your new job, relocating and all the things that come with it? Plus you know the rental market in the Randstad is currently a challinging one? Than our comple package is the best option for you,  a personal Rental Agent assists you from start to key transfer of your new home.

  • Initial intake to start up your homesearch
  • Every daily search
  • Schedule and follow up on viewings
  • Attend viewings  
  • Navigating you through the conditions and housing market
  • Single Point of Contact Rental Agent
  • Offer your submission(s)
  • Check the rental contract
  • Be present and assist with the key transfer
  • Set-up your utilities

Price € 1,895 incl. VAT

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Complete PLUS package  

Want to have all the points from the complete package? But combine this with even more speed and personal attention? Than the comple PLUS package is the extra you are looking for. 

  • Initial intake to start up your homesearch
  • Daily search
  • Schedule and follow up on viewings
  • Weekly update call
  • Attend viewings  
  • Navigating you through the conditions and housing market
  • Single Point of Contact Rental Agent
  • Offer your submission(s), also after office hours
  • Check the rental contract and a teams meeting to go through it from a to z
  • Be present and assist with the key transfer
  • Easy set-up utilities & insurance

Price 1 month rent excl. VAT, minimum € 2,495 incl. VAT

FAQ about renting a new apartment or home in the Netherlands

What deposit do I need to pay for a rental home or apartment?

It depends on the apartment or home you are interested in, but in most cases you will find that the deposit is 2 times the basic rent. This is also the maximum since July '23 a landlord is accepted to ask. But in some cases when an apartment or property is unfurnished, it can be the deposit is 1 month rent.

Can you share an apartment or rental home with others?

In most cities or municipalities, it is possible to share a property with 1 other person when it is not your partner. In Utrecht it is currently possible to share an apartment or house with 3 people. But next to the local regulations, it is also good to check any critaria from the landlord or renting agency for a property.

What is an energylabel and is it important?

The energylabel of a property gives an indication of the consumption and efficiency of the property. Where it goes from good (low consumption/high isolation) to less via the below from top to bottom:


Be ware that for the existing properties (not newbuild) a label from C and up is already quite good in most cases. For new build you will find that most properties start at an A label and can be higher depending on the build year and further investments made by the owner.  

What is the required income for a rental property?

In most cases it is a minimum of 3 times the month rent gross as an income from employment. An example:

Rental price apartment = 2.250

Then your income needs to be 2.250 * 3 = EUR 6.750 gross as a minimum. 

In some situations also 4 times the month rent is required. So it can differ per property and is always good to ask or discuss with your rental agent. In a lot of cases when you are with a partner, this income can also be accounted for (not always in full).

What do I have to do with insurance when I rent a property?

2 type of insurances are asked for in most rental contracts.

- Liability insurance: This is important for you as this covers in a lot of cases the costs you make when doing damage to another person or his or her belongings. 

- Furniture / item insurance: This is for example for your own personal items you bring to your home. This can be furniture, but also your clothing etc. 

We have an English insurance solution specially for expats, so you can get an easy connection with both insurances and others if you need them.

What type of rental contracts are common in the Netherlands?

1. Temporary contract, this is a rental contract for maximum of 24 months. You can cancel this lease per calender month, the landlord only at the end of the period agreed upon. No minimum rental period is applicable.

2. Undefinite period, this is a rental contract which is for an indefenite time, you can stay and rent for as long as you would like. In most cases a minimum of 12 months is included in the contract.

3. Diplomate clause, or also called "Tussen huur", this is a contract where the landlord is moving abroad for in most cases work, and you can rend his or her property. In this agreement a certain period is determined, and if preferred by both parties, can be extended 1 or more times. But good to know, when the landlord is coming back, you will need to vacate the property, off course you will get a timely notification.

4. When a property is for sale, and it is taking a bit of time, it can also be that the owner decides to rent out the property in the meantime. This is with a law so called "Leegstandwet", and can be beneficial for both parties as one can rent and the other has some income from the vacant property. Specific rules apply for this type of contract, so when this is the case discuss this with one of our brokers.

Land van Cocagneplein
Land van Cocagneplein
1093 NB, Amsterdam
€ 1.995- excl.
1382 TG, Weesp
Aangehuurd | Rented
3755 ED, Eemnes
Reyer Ansloslaan
Reyer Ansloslaan
1054 KT, Amsterdam
Haringbuisdijk - Aangehuurd
Haringbuisdijk - Aangehuurd
1086 VA, Amsterdam
€ 1.050,- excl.
  • Work hard
  • Enterprising
  • Personal approach
  • Move forward
  • Innovative mindset

Our standard extra's
  • Including home photographer
  • Always a walk through video
  • Multi language rentalcontracts
  • Advertisement on Funda & International
  • Screening with digital safe

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