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Long term letting

Renting out your investment property or portfolio for the long term has the advantage that there are fewer mutations. This means less work and often lower costs. Below we explain more about the contract options, rent protection in the Netherlands and rent increases.

Rental contract for an indefinite period

An indefinite lease is intended for the long term. As a landlord, you cannot simply terminate this rental contract. A tenant after a certain period can terminate the rental agreement.

  • One possibility is to enter into a rental contract for an indefinite period with a minimum rental period, for example 1 year. In that case, a tenant cannot terminate in the first year and this provides a certain period of secured rental income. A tenant has rent protection from day 1 and the contract cannot be easily terminated as a landlord.
  • You can also choose to offer a longer minimum period, such as 2 years. This provides even more certainty, but it may be that not everyone wants to commit for a period of 2 years in advance.
  • It is not possible to enter into a rental contract for a definite period of time and to include a minimum rental period. A fixed-term rental contract is temporary in nature.
  • A rental contract for a definite period (maximum 2 years) will automatically continue after this period if no notice is given in a rental agreement for an indefinite period.

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