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Rent out your house temporarily

You can temporarily rent out your own home or investment. The period is often from 3 months to a maximum of 2 years. This has to do with the protection that a tenant has in the Netherlands after a certain period. Below we explain to you what the options are for temporary rental and what you should pay attention to. 

Temporary letting is advantageous if you want to retain flexibility as a landlord. For example, to be able to sell the house (without a tenant / rental agreement) after a certain period. Or to make sure that the children can live in the apartment or house at some point. Another sitaution is when you want to travel for a longer period or have to relocate for work.

Rent out an apartment or house for a certain period of time

It is currently (September 2021) within Dutch law and regulations possible to temporarily rent out living space. There are basically 3 options for the temporary rental of a house or appartement.

  • Temporary rental of an investment object / second home, this with a contract for a certain period maximum 24 months
  • The temporary rental of your own main home, this with a certain period contract for maximum 24 months or a Diplomate clause
  • Renting out a house for sale with the Dutch “Leegstandwet” (translated to: Vacancy Act)

Renting out for a certain period of time second home

Are you in possession of a second home, for example by moving in together, an inheritance from the family or purchasing an investment property? Then this is called a second home, or a living space that is not intended for private residence.

You can rent out an investment property temporarily by making use of a rental agreement for a definite period of time. This is possible for a maximum of 2 years for independent homes and a maximum of 5 years for non-self-contained accommodations.

  • The rental agreement expires by operation of law at the end of the agreed rental period
  • Renewing the rental agreement, automatically means that it turns into a rental contract for an indefinite period of time
  • Notifying the tenant(s) before the end of the lease is mandatory in order to meet the conditions of a definite period as a landlord
  • As a landlord, you cannot terminate before the end of the lease period under normal circumstances
  • A tenant can terminate during the rental agreement period and the notice period is equal to the payment term (for example 1 month)

Temporarily rent out your own apartment or house

Now that the possibilities of travel are returning a little more, you may be considering going on a longer period of travel around the world. Or your employer offers an opportunity to gain experience abroad. In many cases it is nice to be able to keep your own living space in the Netherlands, so that you do not have to look for a new home when you return.

  • You can temporarily rent out your own home via an interim rental contract, sometimes you will also come across this under the name diplomate clause
  • If you come back after your period abroad, the tenant will leave your home and you can live here again
  • As a landlord, you can terminate the interim rental contract, the longer the tenant rents the house, the longer the notice period will be
  • You can extend an interim rental contract, but it will still remain temporary
  • You can also re-let your home to another temporary tenant if the tenant terminates the lease early

Are you planning to rent out your own home? In that case, make sure that you obtain good advice from a tax advisor about your obligations and options for saving tax. It is also smart to discuss with an insurance adviser what the coverage is of your household contents and home insurance if you are going to rent out the house.

Renting out with the Dutch “Leegstandwet” (translated: Vacancy Act)

In the current time, it is not often that a house is for sale or empty for a long time, but it can sometimes happen and then temporarily renting out with the Leegstandwet offers an interesting option.

  • Renting out residential space with the Leegstandwet is suitable for homes that are for sale, rented homes that are for sale, rental homes that are going to be demolished or renovated
  • A permit from the municipality is required
  • As a landlord it is possible to terminate prematurely with a notice period of at least 3 months
  • The tenant can cancel at any time, with a notice period of 1 month

Would you like to know more about temporarily renting out your home or investment? Contact us for an appointment or simply request a rental price valuation.

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