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Emigrate, rent out and then sell

How to Rent and Sell your House to Realize your Dream Abroad

Are you ready to take the leap abroad and give your life a new direction? Emigrating is a big step, but with the right strategies you can make this transition smooth. In this article we share some options on how you can rent out your house temporarily and then return or even better, sell it successfully if you really like the foreign adventure and want to make it a more permanent option.

Step 1: Temporary Rental of your House

Before you take the big step abroad, consider renting out your house temporarily. This can provide several benefits, such as generating additional income and maintaining an active housing status, which can be important for your insurance and mortgage. Of course, you have to look at the duration of the stay abroad, the options of the mortgage provider (if applicable) and the required financial resources for abroad.

First decide whether you want to rent out your house furnished or unfurnished, depending on the target group you are targeting. Furnished properties are often more attractive to short-term renters, while unfurnished properties are more suitable for longer rental periods.

Finding reliable tenants is essential. It is therefore wise to ensure that potential tenants are screened and a rental contract is drawn up, for example with a diplomatic clause, often also required by the bank or lender.

Step 2: Emigrate and Build a New Life

Now that your house has been rented out, it is time to take the leap abroad and start a new life. Make sure you are well prepared for the challenges of living in another country, such as arranging all the administrative requirements, how you will live there, and what costs this will entail.

Step 3: Back or Successfully Sell your House

If everything goes well abroad and you decide to continue your adventure, it is time to successfully sell your house. Read more here about our sales method for an effective sales plan and the options to present your house attractively to potential buyers.

With good planning and preparation, you can rent out your house with confidence, emigrate abroad and ultimately, if everything goes according to plan, sell your house. Want to know more about the possibilities? We'd love to hear more about your plans.

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